Pediatric Neuro-oncology is a highly specialized subspecialty which leverages training in either Pediatric Oncology or Pediatric Neurology and further refines it to care for children with central nervous system (CNS) tumors. Given that these tumors represent the second most common cancer in children and the leading cause of mortality, there has been a growing need for physicians who focus on these groups of patients. Many Pediatric Neuro-oncologists are thus at the forefront of both clinical and laboratory medicine in an effort to improve survival outcomes, quality of life and collaborate closely with patient families, foundations, and scientists to advance this field.

While Pediatric Neuro-oncology is not currently an ACGME-accredited training program, many major centers have invested in intensive and rewarding training programs. This website is intended to be a central repository detailing each of the Pediatric Neuro-oncology fellowship programs in the United States. Each program may be slightly different in focus, training, and emphasis; however, each is highly qualified to educate and mentor fellows. Programs are generally 1-2 years in duration and encompass neuroradiologic, pathological, clinical, and research arenas, among others.


Pediatric Neuro-oncology Fellowship Programs